I often have one or more research assistantships available for students interested in working in my laboratory as part of their M.S. or Ph.D. degree. Assistantships cover tuition and fees and include a 12-month salary. Candidates with backgrounds in chemistry, atmospheric science, engineering, physics, or other sciences are encouraged to apply; laboratory experience is desired but not required. If you’re interested in applying, see below.

How to Apply for Graduate Study
Graduate education at UC Davis is offered through interdisciplinary graduate groups that include faculty members from different departments who are interested in a given topic. I am a member of two graduate groups: Atmospheric Science and Agricultural & Environmental Chemistry. If you’re interested in joining my research group you can apply to either (or both) of these programs.

The major differences between these two programs are the focus and the required classes. The focus of Atmospheric Science is on the physics and chemistry of the atmosphere and the required classes include atmospheric dynamics, thermodynamics, and meteorology. Atmospheric Science requires a strong math background. The focus of Agricultural & Environmental Chemistry is on applied chemistry; required courses include environmental, analytical, and other chemistry courses. This is a good group if you have an interest and aptitude in chemistry. Both groups have flexible curricular requirements, so you can take courses in a number of areas. Your dissertation research is independent of your graduate program.

For either graduate group, applications are submitted online.

Both Atmospheric Science and Agricultural & Environmental Chemistry require GRE scores (general test), along with transcripts from your undergraduate institution(s), and graduate institution(s) if applicable. I encourage all applicants to apply by January 15, the University deadline for merit-based awards. In some cases it is also possible to apply, and be admitted, at other times of the year.

For any additional questions on applying to the graduate groups at UC Davis, please contact:

Angie Nguyen
for Atmospheric Science

Judy Erwin
for Agricultural & Environmental Chemistry